The Information Security Institute is a hub of global expertise created as an offshoot of the Applied Sciences Association in 2015 by a network of partners from countries including Ukraine, the USA, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. Applied scientists working at the Institute have generated research results across several disciplines. These findings are utilized by individuals and organizations around the world as part of a comprehensive approach to information security. The Institute's research and activity are conducted at the intersection of such disciplines as psychology, sociology, history, political science, law, criminalistics, criminology, security studies, anthropology, linguistics, journalism, and management.  

The founder and scientific director  of the Information Security Institute is Dr. Oleg Maltsev PhD, academician of the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, author of numerous scientific publications and monographs, lawyer, and criminologist.

Thanks to Oleg Maltsev's extensive research and scholarly activities, the Institute constantly interacts with other scientific and scholarly bodies such as theCriminalistic Research InstituteThe Memory InstituteAPSI AcademyCriminological Research CenterPsychological and Philosophical SocietyInternational Schicksalsanalyse Community Research Institute.

International legal organizations such as Human Rights Without Frontiers note the high contribution of the Institute to the fight against online religious extremism, as well as for its research on the methods of online religious extremism. The Institute's staff members developed and introduced technologies to counter the online impact of disinformation and network manipulation by the Russian propaganda and intelligence services.

The Information Security Institute deeply studies the philosophy and psychology of malicious actors in the online field, and is well acquainted with the various methods, techniques, and tools used by such actors. Our staff members devote themselves to studying and analyzing the nature of existing information threats so as to develop new and more effective systems of counteraction and mitigation. Alongside these activities, the Institute conducts interdisciplinary research to develop cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of the sciences. In cooperation with partner organizations, the Institute has produced and presented a number of documentaries, some of which have been presented at the OSCE level and have received high acclaim in international human rights circles. The Institute produces its own books, which contain the findings of expert working groups, and include a large body of applied knowledge and practice gained through research. 

The Information Security Institute is dedicated to raising awareness of information security and helping individuals and organizations to better protect themselves from information threats. Its key theoretical position is that, today, malicious actors target people, not infrastructure. Therefore, it is important to prioritize information security for individuals. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, the Institute strives to achieve this goal and improve the overall security of the digital world.


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