Representing organizations and individuals at the UN, OSCE, and European Parliament
Advanced Penetration Testing with Social Engineering
Advanced Business Reputation Assessment
Integration of the 25-SSBR methodology
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Representing organizations and individuals at the UN, OSCE, and European Parliament
Advanced Penetration Testing with Social Engineering
Advanced Business Reputation Assessment
Integration of the 25-SSBR methodology
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Round tables, briefings, international experts

Rome, 2016

Kyiv, 2021

Heidelberg, 2016

New York, 2018

OUR experts

Scientific Director of ISI, international expert in the security industry, creator of 2CAO technology, scientist, criminologist, writer, investigative journalist, author of scientific works and monographs on sociology, depth psychology, philosophy and criminology

Italian Bestselling author, award-winning journalist, university professor, researcher, speaker. Research interests: Calabrian mafia (known as ‘ndrangheta), organized crime. He is a regular consultant to governments and law-enforcement agencies around the world.

Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University, participant in the Interregional Preparatory Meeting for the Eighth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, former director of the International Center at the National Institute of Justice of the U.S. Department of Justice

External consultant to the U.S. DHS and the FBI, author of the best-selling Encyclopedia of Terrorism and numerous academic papers and articles, has served as a counterterrorism expert to the DHS Homeland Security Advisory Board, the UN in Austria, and the National Security Bureau in Poland.

Cybercrime consultant, professor, president of the International Society of Criminology and the Bellagio Forum on World Security and Social Development, member of the working group on governance and anti-corruption and international emergency and crisis response

Presidium Member of EUASU. Associate fellow of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Head of the Strategic council of the Information Security Institute. Head of Сivil Society Organization Kavalyer. Editor-in-chief of the Newspaper Unsolved Crimes.

Director of the Academy of the Professional Services Industry (APSI). Expert in psychosamology and psychology. Fellow member of the special scientific unit of the Memory Institute—Expeditionary Corps. Presidium Member of the Psychological and Philosophical Scientific Society.

The founder of Droits de l’Homme sans Frontières, Belgium. EUASU expert. Former chargé de mission at the Cabinet of the Belgian Ministry of Education and at the Belgian Parliament. He is the director of Human Rights Without Frontiers, an NGO based in Brussels that he founded in 2001.

Expert in criminal, corporate, civil, and intellectual property rights, speaker at the OSCE Human Rights Conference in Warsaw and the “Freedom of Religion and Belief” conference in Rome, member of the Criminology Center research team, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Scientific Results.

EUASU Academician, Interdisciplinary Professor of Global Security in the College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow UK. He is founding Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Cambridge Journal of Memory, Mind & Media, founding Editor-in-Chief of the Sage Journal of Memory Studies, and founding Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Digital War .

Attorney, international online reputation consultant, copyright and intellectual property expert, director of the Research Institute for World Military Traditions and Forensic Weapons Research, freelance correspondent for Unsolved Crimes.

He is an EUASU expert, expert in finance, banking, insurance, and asset valuation. Financial consultant. Investment adviser for Slav Invest, financial director of MANORM Holding, and the head of the Paradox Credit Protection Society.

Head of the International Schicksalsanalyse Community Research Institute, adherent of the Venetian school. The main directions of the Institute’s research are the applied aspects of fate analysis—depth psychology, mainly developed by Leopold Szondi, Swiss psychologist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

International specialist in the field of security of first responders, expert in working in high-risk areas, researcher, corresponding member of EUASU.



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