Insider threats — the main source of problems in business

In today’s world, the disclosure of a company’s insider information has become one of the main sources of problems in business. Categories such as unmanageable human error and unreliable trade secret agreements jeopardize companies’ operations.

There is a misconception that signing a non-disclosure agreement will protect the company’s insider information. But is this really the case? According to the research conducted by our experts, such an agreement does not give business owners any guarantees that insider information will not be disclosed or passed into the hands of third parties. People often sell trade secrets because they can go undetected or the gains outweigh the risks, and malicious actors can easily infiltrate an organization. This can be seen by numerous examples in business over the past few years.

Jeffrey Danik is a former FBI employee with 28 years of FBI experience, who says that the main threat to companies comes from its employees. One of the major reasons companies fall victim to financial crime is the insider threat, when your employees conduct certain transactions that benefit them or third parties. Jeffrey Danik is a recognized expert in investigating complex financial crimes, especially banking, securities and stock fraud.

According to Danik, the key to solving the problem of insider threat is professional selection, which is based on applied knowledge of psychodiagnostics, psychology, and most importantly, projective tests (Szondi test, Rorschach test, The Achtnich’s Berufsbilder-Test, TAT, etc.). These procedures can be used to identify likely insider threats by identifying those most likely to betray before they are employed, or ensuring they do not have access to sensitive information.

Other issues discussed at the meeting were:

- How to take control of the human factor in your enterprise

- What can be done in the legal field to ensure the safety of sensitive insider information

- How to prevent people who act in the interests of third parties from infiltrating the company

The experts talked about this and much more at a meeting held under the patronage of the Information Security Institute on April 15, 2021 in the Kyiv office of the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The meeting was devoted to the extremely important topic of insider threats, which are one of the main sources of problems in business.



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