The mechanism behind the creation of a social esoteric organization: “Mormons. Children Under Voltage”

Hundreds of new esoteric, psychological. and religious movements emerge in the world every year. New adepts smile even wider than the old ones and bring “magical harmony” into the lives of the “lost” and “less fortunate,” gathering into their ranks an ever-growing flock. 

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” (LDS), better known as the Mormons, is one of the most secretive religious organizations in the world. If you wish, you can find official information about the Mormon origin story, the biography of the founding father Joseph Smith, and the key principles of the church in open sources. The doctrine dates back to the early nineteenth century, and is loosely Christian in its beliefs, but also has distinct doctrines derived from its founder, who claims to have received the Book of Mormon directly from God. Mormons are usually socially conservative and invest significant energies in their church, families, and communities.

However, such beliefs and practices are only the most visible and superficial aspect of the LDS Church, as of many other religious organizations. It is far more difficult to find information on the financial turnover of the organization, which is one of the richest churches in the world. The LDS Church has not published financial statements since 1959. Like other churches, it is considered a non-profit corporation and is exempt from US taxes. It is even harder to find the mechanisms which have allowed this church to increase its flock from a small baseline to the current figure of over 16 million.

A closer look at the available information suggests that the church controls a massive business empire with huge assets. The church owns cattle ranches in Utah, Florida, and Canada, the Deseret Book Company, and Bonneville International. The church’s reputation and assets have both been improving steadily throughout its 180-year history. Its members range from disadvantaged children to multimillionaires and media moguls.

The book “Mormons. Children Under Voltage”[1] was created as a result of scientific research in 2014. It recounts how the initially marginal Mormon Church became one of the richest in the world. The book is based on a scientific comparative analysis of the research on the Mormon Church by Soviet academician G. S. Popov and his colleagues, with the results of more recent research by scholar Dr. Oleg Maltsev. 

During the process of researching the LDS Church, Dr. Maltsev discovered the mechanism underlying the emergence of esoteric organizations in general. This mechanism explains the diversity of religious, psychological, and esoteric currents which have proliferated in the twentieth century. It provides the key to understanding the connections between such organizations, service organizations, and movements like the Boy Scouts.

The book also describes the means by which a reader can stop participating in the continuous war to capture a flock. The fuse described in this book allows a person to stop participating in a continuous war for the flock. It is much more interesting and, most importantly, safer to watch this game from the sidelines, or better, to stop playing other people’s games altogether.

Materials on the subject:

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