“The Swaying Scene”, a story not yet told out loud

There are some stories that one does not talk about out loud and such a story is described in the book “The Swaying Scene”.  This book examines the fall of Cus D’Amato’s most prominent disciple: and the youngest world boxing champion in history, Mike Tyson. 

This book is not about how to make a lot of money and start living luxuriously, or even how to simply walk off into the sunset to find or remake yourself or find a new fortune. No, it’s about the other side of the coin: how to avoid losing what you’ve worked hard for and to keep the fruits of years of effort (not just in the financial sense). How not to lose everything, how not to lose everything that has been gained by hard work. How not to become poor, having fallen from the height of achievement.

The story, which some people prefer not to discuss, clearly sheds light on how certain “interested persons,” showing remarkable ingenuity and using special training, are able to carry out enterprises to impoverish the daredevils who have conquered Olympus. In particular, ventures to steal money on a particularly large scale. For example, a billion dollars.

The author of this book is the recognized world scholar and scientific director of the Information Security Institute, Dr. Oleg Maltsev.

Donald Trump & Mike Tyson

The work on the book started back in 2018. Dr. Maltsev, along with fellow scientists and the consummate boxing history expert Steve Lott (founder and CEO of the Las Vegas Boxing Hall of Fame (BHOF)), laid the groundwork.

The events discussed in this book are a shining example, a vivid lesson for all businesspeople on earth. So many people write books on the subject of how to protect themselves, how to keep themselves safe. For a very long time I had the idea to write a book, not about how to protect yourself, but about how not to lose everything. At one time, one of the leading psychiatrists in the United States said: “If a book were created on how to make money, that book would have two parts — how to make money and how not to lose everything. Now, if such a book existed, most people would only read half of the book — how to make money.” His words should be an epitaph for all the people who have died for money, who were rich and became poor. In America it is not easy to become rich, but very easy to become poor.

In creating this book, I purposely chose events that took place in the United States. I specifically chose to tell this story. We will work with living material, that is, I will not just tell you something, I will introduce you to living witnesses, not public materials, which no one has seen. My good friend Steven Lott, who lives in the USA, was a direct witness, a participant in these events, he saw everything with his own eyes. That makes the book “The Swaying Scene” a documentary. These are not made-up events, not made-up examples — it was all real,” the author says about the book.



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