Documentary film “The Face of Religious Extremism”

This film is of value to every sane person who does not want to be robbed or destroyed at some point because their activities or interests unwittingly interfere with those of covert monopolists using religious extremist tactics. For centuries, billions of people have been victims of religious extremism. It is a multi-layered system, one of the key mechanisms of which is the hanging of fictional labels such as “Totalitarian Sect” and “Destructive Cult” on adversaries. By means of such labels, groups trying to protect the power of a religious ingroup have attacked outsiders, sometimes resulting in multimillion-dollar losses.

Over the past 50 years, there has been no systematic solution to this phenomenon. In 2014, however, a group of French, Ukrainian and Russian extremists made a mistake. They chose to attack the wrong target: someone who could fight back. As a result of the reputational attack, Maltsev was forced to create a unique system that neutralizes and terminates the activities of religious extremists engaged in this type of attack.

The documentary “The Face of Religious Extremism” was commissioned by the NGO Kavalyer with assistance from the Unsolved Crimes newspaper and the Information Security Institute in 2016. It contains a detailed account of the methods used by religious extremists and similar organizations to influence public opinion and destroy targets, as well as their motives, funding sources, and the profile of participants.

Maltsev is frank about the situation. “These people are criminals. It is impossible to bring them to criminal responsibility immediately, because they act by using other people, which means it requires long detective, lawyer and journalist investigations. Despite this, if you want to live, to continue to exist, you have an obligation to defend yourself.”

What is the anti-cult movement?

“Anti-cult movements arose among non-religious people in the United States in the late 1960s. The ideas of the anti-cultists were formulated by psychologists, such as the deceased Margaret Singer. She was Jewish, but also an atheist. Margaret took existing theories on brainwashing and applied them to cults,” – said Professor Massimo Introvigne, Italian sociologist of religion and lawyer, and director and cofounder of the Center for the Study of New Religions (CESNUR).

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