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A comprehensive examination of an individual involves a combination of three instruments: the polygraph, the Szondi test and the SSQ-Test.

The first step is to use a polygraph to obtain a polygraph reading, a coded hypothesis. Any hypothesis requires proof. As part of the integrated methodology at the Information Security Institute, the second stage uses two independent instruments to triangulate the results of the polygraph test: the Szondi test and the SSQ-Test. This comprehensive series of tests gives a general profile of a personʼs potential and prospects, and also provides a basis for a prediction about the personʼs reliability in the context of social engineering, insider threats, and other patterns of behavior. A separate forecast is made across four spheres: philosophy, management, tactics, and conditions.

An individual’s philosophy is a system of beliefs, which in turn determine the person’s practical ethics. This indicates whether a person is likely to break laws or organizational norms, and under what conditions.

The evaluation of the management block shows how a person organizes their workspace, and how he or she builds relationships with other individuals and systems. The third block allows a researcher to assess the tactics likely to be used in the person’s actions in contexts such as the application of effort, career building, and interaction with management –includingwhether it is possible to use group dynamics to counteract these tactics. The fourth block allows the researcher to determine how the individual will act in the event of sudden external changes, for example, pandemics, famine, or war.

The comprehensive methodology provides results that assess an individual’s security beliefs, management and self-management approaches, tactical predisposition, and the individual’s ability to adapt to sudden changes in the external environment.

As part of the research work on this complex methodology, the scientific director  of the Information Security Institute, Dr. Oleg Maltsev, laid the groundwork to write a monograph, “The training stages of a professional”.

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