Creating educational films, documentary films, and audiovisual training programs

At the Institute of Information Security, since its inception, we have viewed video materials as one of the main sources of training for new employees. In addition to making training and documentary films, since 2016 it has been possible to make films in different countries and on different continents.

The most urgent problem faced by a modern businessperson is their vulnerability to wide-ranging threats in the field of information and reputational security. There are huge numbers of cases in which sustained or targeted reputational attacks, fatal errors in strategic reputation management, and/or information warfare cause incalculable losses to otherwise viable businesses, and in many cases, cause organizations and companies to collapse. The field of information security is constantly evolving, and with an increasing reliance on online technology and online business activity, it is more important than ever to ensure that individuals and organizations are properly educated and trained in the nature of emerging threats and the most effective defensive strategies. The creation of educational and documentary films and pre-recorded audiovisual training programs can play a crucial role in this endeavor.

The audiovisual materials offered by the Institute fall into three different categories. The first category consists in videos analyzing real cases of information attacks and reputational damage, allowing viewers to “learn from others’ mistakes” and avoid repeating them. These films are available for production on demand, and are particularly useful in cases where a business actor seeks an understanding of existing threat dynamics in their industry or sector. The Institute can produce videos focusing on any specified sector, demonstrating how poor strategy, mistakes, and recklessness have left openings for attackers or for unfair competition in this sector, and what strategies effectively mitigate these dangers. These videos provide clients with a a wide-ranging understanding of the threats that are known to exist in their sector, and the mistakes they or their company should avoid making.

The second, related type of audiovisual product consists of an analysis of a client’s own problems, or “learning from your own mistakes”. This is more painful, and is generally attempted in a context where information wars or reputational damage have already occurred. In the aftermath of such attacks, a surviving company will usually revise their regulations and protocols, change some of their senior management, and generally work to eliminate the mistakes or the threat vectors which created space for such attacks. Video products in this category contain cases intended to vividly demonstrate what not to do and how a small mistake can result in a huge snowball of problems worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The third type of audiovisual product are predictive or scenario-based films which seek to head off problems in a client’s business before they happen (“learning from modeling”). These are instructional videos offering scientifically-based speculation regarding possible future scenarios based on existing threat vectors. The product provided is a documentary film on potential information and reputational threats, potential insider threats, and potential corporate conflicts for the client’s business.

The Information Security Institute has its own film company which is used to produce all its audiovisual products. We have a proven track record in producing documentaries of the three kinds listed above, most of which are for limited viewing by our clients and are not publicly released or resold (though we have also produced some public documentaries, such as “License to Commit Crime”). 

The most common use of our audiovisual service is to educate employees on the importance of following existing policies. The Institute has access to a sizable number of instructors and experts who are able to convey complex aspects of information security in a simple and accessible format, and to convey to audiences the importance of following corporate regulations and protocols with regard to information security.

The service can also be used to educate and inform customers. For example, a company could create a film explaining the importance of information security for small businesses, or a documentary about the real-world consequences of data breaches. This would help build customer trust and establish the company as a trustworthy partner, by signaling that the company is taking these risks seriously. Having these products on hand can also be an effective way for a company to differentiate itself from its competitors. 



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