Private Intelligence Companies

Private intelligence companies (PICs) have existed for decades, but in recent years they have grown in importance and scope as the global security environment has become more complex and volatile. Globalization of the Internet has led to the universal availability of intelligence tools and has also reduced the cost of access to modules and technological solutions. In the U.S. today, the PIC sector is the most capital-intensive sector.

At the Institute, a study is scheduled to begin in February 2023 on the impact and consequences of private intelligence companies in today’s society.

The study will be led by an international team of experienced researchers and scholars who will use research methods developed at the Institute to collect data so as to provide an in-depth understanding of the topic.

The institute’s research will focus on several key areas in the topic of private intelligence companies, including:

  • history and evolution of Private Intelligence Companies
  • research of new hybrid forms of PIC that may arise in the near future
  • the use of PICs for extractive and enabling offensive functions
  • the industries and applications in which PICs operate
  • the business models and revenue sources of these companies
  • case studies of specific private intelligence companies

The study also examines the legal and ethical implications of private intelligence companies. While these companies must operate within the law and can be useful in preventing crime and protecting business interests, there are concerns about the potential for abuse of power and violations of privacy and security. When some tool that has a legitimate purpose, but which can also be used for attacking, becomes universally available, then chaos ensues and the threat of lawlessness sets in. This study will analyze the existing laws and regulations governing private intelligence companies and the ethical dilemmas they face.

This work will provide valuable insights into the role and influence of private intelligence companies on society. The results will be disseminated through scholarly publications and conference presentations, and used to develop relevant technologies.


Areas of focus

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