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The purpose and function of the Kavalyer technology is best illustrated by a quote from its creator, the Scientific Director of the Information Security Institute, Dr. Oleg Maltsev: “The Kavalyer technology was developed by the Information Security Institute specifically to keep the ground burning under the feet of the villains who use the methods of religious extremism.” 

The Kavalyer technology is designed to stop the activities of various actors and organizations, particularly those with a religious or sectarian motivation, that attack individuals or organizations using tactics such as reputational damage. The technology contains a variety of tools which are legal to use and do not carry significant legal or penal risks. The Institute has deployed the technology in more than ten countries over a period of eight years, across a number of markets and sectors. During this period, over 130 cases of religiously-motivated destructive activity cases have been collected. In none of these cases has a lawsuit been filed or a criminal case opened against the Institute or its clients for using this technology.  As a result of the usage of the Kavalyer technology, the entities that launched the attacks against which it was deployed were not only forced to stop their destructive activities, but were also forced to change their field of activity. In eight years of practice, none of these villains have returned to using the defeated methods against the protected targets. The technology has therefore so far provided a reliable shield against this particular vector of attack.

The Kavalyer technology is specifically designed to counter reputational and defamatory attacks by religious extremists and other actors using religious discourse, when these are used to undermine adversaries and create an environment of unfair competition. The technology has been used by specialists to counter religious extremist attacks in a number of different countries and contexts, suggesting the technology can be effectively deployed worldwide. While currently specialised in this field, the technology could be modified for use against other kinds of malicious reputational sabotage.

The Kavalyer technology draws on research and practice in the field of countering religious extremism, reputational warfare, and unfair competition at the interface of various sciences: criminology, sociology, psychology, neurophysiology, history, religious studies, cultural studies, political science, and economics. It is based on a methodology which seeks to counteract the kinds of media events and scandals which can be organized by religious extremists or through the leveraging of religious intolerance, using a five-level model composed of both online and offline tools.

The public organization Kavalyer is unique in possessing and implementing the full range of Kavalyer techniques. However, aspects of the Kavalyer technology have already been integrated into the protocols of public institutions throughout Europe. In particular, the 2019 documentary film “License to Commit Crimes” has been widely distributed.

Religious extremists and other malicious actors often resort to illegal and unlawful methods, such as defamation and harassment. When used in the context of reputational attacks and disruption of a target’s networks, this can amount to an extreme form of unfair competition. The Kavalyer technology is designed to counteract such methods using exclusively legal and legitimate techniques, thus protecting a level playing field for targeted individuals and organizations.

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