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The presence of an effective communication channel is one of the key conditions for doing business today. It is difficult to find a successful public company that does not have a popular platform on at least one of the social networks. The majority of successful companies utilize several communication systems at the same time. Large consulting companies buy large media publications and holdings for this purpose. The relevance of having such sites is not in doubt, but the question of how to scale and replicate such systems is acute.

The creation of the scaling and replication technology was made possible by the research of the scientific director of the Information Security Institute, Dr. Oleg Maltsev. His extensive research into Jean Baudrillard’s scientific work includes international conferences and international symposium in Palermo, as well as seminars and lectures. His monograph “Maestro: The Last Prophet of Europe” describes the secret formula that Jean Baudrillard used in his sociological research.

The technology of scaling and replicating communication systems is built on the junction of such sciences as sociology, psychology, social psychology, neurophysiology, philosophy, political science, and religious studies.

This technology provides a means to instigate the exponential organic growth of communication systems in a given time period. The purpose of the technology is to shift the attention of specific target groups to the desired communication systems.

The result of this technology manifests itself in two variables:

1. Significant organic growth of subscribers in communication systems.

2 Organic growth in publication coverage.

In practice, a number of successful experiments have shown that a communication system often becomes a magnet, switching the attention of the target audience. Conducting experiments using the technology proved its effectiveness and allowed users to generate millions-strong coverage and attract hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a short time without spending the budget usually expended on standard and ineffective advertising promotion tools.

The technology is available both for integration with the goal of reanimating old communication systems and for creating new communication networks.

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