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Business reputation is one of the most valuable intangible assets, which can have a significant impact on the value of the company and is a key area of strategic risk. The 25-parameter business reputation assessment model developed at the Information Security Institute, 25-SSBR, meets all relevant requirements for comprehensive reputational assessment.

This comprehensive methodology considers 25 different parameters, providing a thorough analysis of human behavior in society. It helps identify vulnerabilities relating to social behavior, including any risks or provocations that an individual might create for himself/herself, as well as any leverage created by the individual that could be used by third parties to attack his/her reputation, business, social/political activities, or to harm a related organization. 

Oleg Maltsev, Antonio Nicaso, Maxim Lepsky, Konstantin Slobodyanyuk. Odessa 2019

Globalization, as a phenomenon, has a huge impact on the model of human behavior. Using the Internet and other communication networks, a person constantly copies and “tries on” various cultural and sociological features and models of behavior, and changes their way of life in accordance with the lifestyle of idols or authorities. All these new layers of persona and performance make it much more difficult to conduct verification and obtain reliable results regarding a person’s underlying character or persistent traits. Because of the complexity of modern humans and their multilayeredness, 25 parameters were developed for a comprehensive analysis, allowing a detailed consideration of each of the aspects of human behavior in society.

By analyzing a person’s behavior, the model can provide insight into how they are treated by their partners, employees, and other stakeholders. This can be valuable for people seeking either to improve their reputation or to repair it after a negative event and to avoid various reputational problems.

The uniqueness of this 25-parameter business reputation assessment model lies in its methodology, which was assembled based on the research of academicians of the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, at the junction of several scientific fields, including law, social psychology, sociology, criminology, religious studies, psychiatry, political science, neurophysiology, philosophy, and linguistics.

By thoroughly examining each of the 25 parameters, experts can obtain a comprehensive overview of their reputation and identify potential vulnerabilities and risks, and also, based on the information obtained, predict various attack scenarios which might be used to discredit or to change the status of the subject or an organization associated with them.

The methodology contains 25 applications designed to provide a detailed study of each of the 25 parameters. The methodology is regularly updated thanks to a constantly updated database of studies and reports. At the moment more than 10,000 members of the Ukrainian business community have been checked by partners of the Information Security Institute using this integrated methodology.

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