25-SSBR Integration

The integration of the methodology was developed on the basis of research conducted during a scientific expedition to Portugal in 2020. Thanks to the complex research work carried out under the guidance of the scientific director of the Institute of Information Security, academician Oleg Maltsev, the library of the Institute was replenished with a new closed-type textbook “Security of business circles in the 21st century”. According to one of the conclusions of this textbook, “Business reputation is a priority object of both attack and defense.”

The 25-SSBR methodology is a business reputation analysis system developed by the Information Security Institute. The integrated version of the 25-SSBR methodology provides a comprehensive expert perspective on a person or organization’s current social reputation and potential lines of reputational attack. The methodology identifies risks and vulnerabilities derived from a person’s current behavior and profile, and thus helps to indicate steps which can be taken to minimize reputational risks and to improve damaged reputations.

The Institute offers interested parties an integration service, which includes training for up to three employees of a company or organization. The step-by-step integration plan includes:

1. Introduction to 25-SSBR Methodology: This step provides an overview of the methodology, its structure and purpose. It is intended to provide an overview of how the methodology works and why it is effective.

2. Virtual lessons with experts: This stage features five online lessons by video call with our experts, who will give detailed explanations of each aspect of the methodology. These lessons help the end-user understand the methodology in detail and learn how to use it effectively.

3. Practice with cases: Alongside the lessons, participants complete five assignments based on case studies. These assignments are designed to demonstrate the practical application of the methodology. They are designed to solidify a learner’s understanding of the methodology through hands-on experience.

4. Closing session: After completing the virtual lessons and case studies, the closing session will address any issues and problems that may have arisen during the integration process.

5. Consultations with experts: Our experts will be available for up to 10 consultations over the  month following course completion, to provide guidance and support in the application of the methodology in practice.

6. Methodology updates: The 25-SSBR methodology is updated regularly to ensure it is up-to-date and adapted to emerging threats. Our clients and their employees will be informed of all updates and receive additional training as needed. On average, updates occur 2–3 times per year.

The 25-SSBR methodology, developed by the Information Security Institute, is a business reputation analysis system that provides a comprehensive, expert perspective on the social reputation of an individual or organization. The 25-SSBR methodology integration service includes training for up to three company employees and includes an introduction to the methodology, online lessons with experts, and practice assignments. The methodology is designed to help clients understand the vulnerabilities and potential risks associated with a person’s behavior in society, enabling appropriate steps to be taken to protect and improve reputation.



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