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In today’s digital age, the perception of a person’s reputation starts with a perception of the person’s Internet footprint. The Internet has become a powerful tool for people to express their opinions and share information. However, it also means that information about a person, true or false, can spread quickly and have a significant impact on a person’s reputation and career. Millions of people make the decision to work with a person or business, to hire an employee or to purchase a product or service, based primarily on their public image online, regardless of who they really are. 

Quick Check is a product that helps people quickly assess the reputation of anyone (including themselves) online by examining their user behavior on various platforms and resources, including:

1. Social networks: Information is collected and analyzed from all social networks where a person is mentioned. This includes popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

2. Internet resources: Information is collected and analyzed from all third-party Internet resources where the person is mentioned. This includes forums, blogs and other online communities.

3. Media resources: Information is gathered and analyzed from all news and information sites. This includes online publications, press releases, and articles written about the person.

4. In addition, the following databases are checked:

• Database of Judgments: This includes records of any court proceedings in which a person was involved.

• Unified Information and Search System of Ukraine: This includes records of any criminal activity or violation of the law in which a person has been involved.

Examples of use:

Quick Check is especially useful for individuals working in industries where online image is particularly important, such as:

1. Business: to check the image of CEOs and executives of companies for consistency with their online public image with the values and reputation of the company.

2. Politics: to identify any potential problems that could harm the campaign or reputation of candidates for public office.

3. Opinion leaders, bloggers: to check that their image on the Internet does not contain potential threats.

4. Academics: to check the public image of professors, researchers, and students to see if their online behavior is consistent with the values of their institution.

The service also provides analysis of vulnerabilities related to an individual’s public behavior, such as provocations that an individual creates on their own, or leverage that they offer to attackers through material shared publicly. This information can be used to identify potential threats to an individual’s reputation or career. A rapid background check is conducted within 1 to 3 days.

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