Integration of the SRCS Technology

At the Information Security Institute, we provide services to clients seeking to integrate our in-house technology, SRCS. The SRCS Technology allows organizations to scale and replicate their communications systems, and thus to expand their operations for dealing with a larger customer base. The Institute’s team of experts provides integration capabilities along two pathways according to a client’s needs. We can either train your staff to integrate and operate the SRCS Technology themselves (the Basic option), or operate the technology ourselves for an initial period, before turning it over to the client in a locally optimized form (the Turnkey option). Basic integration includes an introductory session, video tutorials, applied activities, and longer-term support, focusing on both the theoretical basis and the practical application of the technology. Turnkey integration is designed for those organizations who want a ready-to-use product. Both options aim to provide seamless integration, ensuring scalability and replication of communication systems.

The course in SRCS Technology integration is designed to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution to the challenge of scaling and replicating your communications systems. Our team of experts can work closely with your team in implementing your choice of either of two vectors (basic integration or turnkey integration), ensuring seamless integration, and maximum scaling, and successful replication. 

The course in Basic Integration includes 4 steps:

1. Introduction: Our technology integration begins with an introductory session that explains the methodology and structure of the SRCS Technology. This session will provide a clear understanding of how the technology works and why it is so effective in scaling and replicating communication systems.

2. Virtual Lessons: Over the course of 60 days, we will provide 8 online lessons with our experts, using video chat to explain each node of the technology in detail. This will give your employees a thorough understanding of the technology and its various components.

3. Correction and practice: We will also provide eight weekly summary lessons on the practical application of the technology. These run in parallel with the theoretical sessions, and provide selected employees with training in how to integrate SRCS with other technological nodes in practice. These sessions give your team the opportunity to immediately apply in the real world what they have learned, and to apply the technology more effectively.

4. Summarizing and consultation: After the initial 60-day period, we will hold a debriefing session to answer any questions that have arisen during the integration process. We will also provide an opportunity for two consultations with our experts over the next month to discuss any backlog of questions as needed.

Turnkey integration:

Turnkey integration is an option in which the client allows our team of experts to take over the scaling of communication systems using the SRCS Technology, instead of learning to integrate the technology within their organization.

As part of the turnkey integration option, our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your community or organization, including your website, market niche, and competitors, to determine the potential audience size. From this information, we generate a hypothetical quantitative target that can be achieved in 6–12 months, with benchmarks for performance assessment.

During this period, our team will manage the scaling of communication systems and work to achieve the quantitative target. The team will conduct regular peer audits to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to strategy and tactics.

Once the quantitative target is achieved, our team will also provide practical training on elements of the technology, making recommendations based on the results and proven best practice from the initial 6–12 months. This training will focus on the practical aspects of using the technology, without explaining the methodology and structure. After the training, the management of the communication systems will be handed over to a manager assigned this responsibility by the client.



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