Integration of the MCASOCP

The integration of the methodology was developed on the basis of research conducted during scientific expeditions in the Rhine in 2016–2017. Thanks to the integrated research work led by the scientific director of the Institute of Information Security, academician Oleg Maltsev, the capabilities of the Institute were enriched with a new training tool for the integrated analysis of the subject and the organization for cooperation and partnership.

The Institute’s methodology of comprehensive analysis of an individual or organization with which the client is considering cooperation and partnership is available for rapid integration on an incomplete basis. The incomplete nature of this integration is due to the fact that some aspects of the methodology can only be implemented by the specialists of the Information Security Institute, and thus, cannot be integrated into clients’ practices. Also, the technology contains sensitive intellectual property that cannot be transferred to third parties.

The aspects of the methodology which are available for integration can be transferred to clients or their employees in thirty days. This training does not require specialist knowledge of profiling or algorithms, as the patterns used for complex analysis are already available. This integration also includes the integration of the 25-parameter goodwill model 25-SSBR as an element of the overall methodology.

This integration service includes training for up to three employees of a client company. The step-by-step integration plan consists of:

1. Introduction to the methodology: This step provides an overview of the methodology, its structure and purpose. It is designed to demonstrate the functionality and effectiveness of the methodology.

2. Virtual lessons with experts: This stage features eight online lessons with our experts, given over a video link. In each lesson, our specialists will give detailed explanations of each element of the methodology. These lessons are designed to help clients to understand the methodology in detail, and to learn how to use it effectively.

3. Practice with cases: Concurrently with the lessons, there will also be assignments based on five case studies, designed to demonstrate the practical application of the methodology. These examples will help solidify a client’s understanding of how the methodology operates in practice.

4. Closing session: After completing the video lessons and case studies, the closing session will address any issues and problems that may have arisen during the integration process.

5. Consultation with experts: Our experts will be available for up to ten consultations over the month following the completion of lessons, to provide guidance and support in the application of the methodology in practice.

6. Methodology updates: The methodology is regularly updated respond to a fast-moving environment and emerging threats. Clients will be informed of all updates and receive additional training as needed. On average, updates occur 2–3 times a year.

The methodology itself is a unique tool for making a partnership decision. Integration of the methodology allows clients to avoid financial losses arising from the actions of partners and reduces the risk of mistakenly partnering with dishonest or unreliable people or organizations.



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